Tyent Water Ionizers: Wellness at the Push of a Button

Looking for the best water ionizer on the market? Then you’ve almost certainly heard of Tyent. Its water ionizers are renowned for their quality design, wide array of features, and ability to produce alkaline water with a range of health benefits.

However, Tyent produces several different models in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This can make it tricky to decide which one is right for you.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help!

We’ve reviewed three of the best Tyent water ionizers, so all the info you need is in one place. In this piece, we’ll break down the features of these machines and tell you what to look out for when buying a water ionizer.

About Tyent

Tyent was founded in 2004 by Joe Boccuti. His research into the benefits of alkaline water began when he was giving seminars on weight loss and how to quit smoking.

After witnessing the positive effects that alkaline water was having on people’s health, he decided to design a more effective (and efficient) water ionizer.

This is how the Tyent brand came into being.

Since its creation, the company has gone on to produce some of the best-reviewed water ionizers on the market. Its manufacturing facility is certified by the International Standards Organization, which guarantees quality and consistency.

Tyent produces both under-sink and countertop water ionizers. Some of its models also contain 13 electrolysis plates, which is a market-leading feature.

Tyent Water Ionizer Rankings

Best for Hydrogen Water
Tyent H2 Hybrid

The Tyent H2 Hybrid has Twin Cell Technology consisting of a hydrogen cell and an electrolysis chamber. This ionizer features a carbon filter and a TM-ceramic filter that remove pollutants down to 0.01 microns. It also has a backlit LED interface, which is convenient and easy to use. Click Here to Learn More.

Easiest to Install
Tyent ACE-13

The Tyent ACE-13 is a countertop water ionizer that is straightforward to install – simply plug it in and attach it to your faucet. It has a great flow rate, a 7th-Gen Plus power source, and a motion proximity sensor. Click Here to Learn More.

Best Overall
Tyent UCE-13 PLUS

The Tyent UCE-13 has the best features and capabilities out of the products we’ve reviewed. It produces ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water but still has a user-friendly interface. This ionizer is installed under your sink to free up space on the kitchen counter. Click Here to Learn More.

Types Of Water Ionizer Machines

There are two types of water ionizers on the market: under-sink and countertop ionizers. Each has its pros and cons, and choosing one depends on your personal preference.

Under-sink ionizers usually have more features than countertop models. They also tend to include better water filtration systems, meaning they often produce the healthiest water.

On the other hand, countertop ionizers are easy to install and don’t require much plumbing modification.

Under Sink

An under-sink water ionizer is the best choice if you want it out of sight; ideal if your counter space is limited. Under-sink ionizers change your tap water into filtered water, which has many health benefits. As with countertop models, you can choose the pH levels of the water.

Under-sink models can be trickier to install, but they are straightforward to use. Press a button or turn a handle, and your ionizer starts removing contaminants from the tap water, converting it to alkaline water.

There are a couple of setups commonly used for under-sink ionizers. Often, you’ll need to reach under the sink to set the pH levels of your water. However, some models come with faucets and buttons that allow you to set the pH levels without having to fiddle around in the dark.


  • Installed under your sink to free up space and keep it out of sight.
  • Some models come equipped with stylish faucets and touch controls so you can set your preferred pH levels without reaching under the sink.
  • Under-sink ionizers often have better filtration capabilities than countertop models.
  • Under-sink models produce really strong levels of ionized alkaline and acidic water due to additional pressure in the electrolysis chamber.


  • Under-sink models tend to be more expensive than countertop ones. Often, they’re $500-$1,000 more expensive.
  • The advanced control features can be difficult to use on some models. Premium models typically have touch screens, which are more user-friendly.
  • Routine maintenance, like replacing filters and using cleaning cartridges, can be quite complicated.


A countertop water ionizer is far more straightforward to install than an under-sink ionizer. It allows you to turn your faucet into a pH converter quickly and easily. There’s no need to modify your countertop because installation requires minimal plumbing modifications.

Countertop water ionizers are displayed in your kitchen. So, you want something that looks good and fits with the rest of the decor. Many countertop models have a stylish look and are designed to complement the aesthetics of your kitchen.

They also feature slim designs so that they can sit on your counter without taking up too much space. Having your ionizer on the counter makes it easy to view the display screen to check water data and set the pH levels.


  • A countertop water ionizer is very easy to install. It usually only takes between 15 to 20 minutes, and you don’t need to use a plumber.
  • It’s really straightforward to move countertop ionizers between locations. You simply uninstall it from one faucet and attach it to another. This is ideal for vacations or if you’re moving.
  • Countertop models come in a range of designs. This includes various colors, shapes, and sizes.


  • Countertop models often have less effective filtration systems than under-sink models.
  • Some countertop models are big and bulky and can be an eyesore in your kitchen. Fortunately, all Tyent water ionizers have sleek designs and stylish looks.

Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is an odorless and tasteless gas that plays a role in reducing redox homeostasis and oxidative stress in humans. This regulates levels of catalase, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione.

H2 is also known to modulate protein phosphorylation, signal transduction, and gene expression. This gives H2 its anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic effects. It also increases cellular energy levels and promotes nutrient absorption.

‘Medical Grade’ Alkaline Water

When both H2 and Structured Water Clusters are present in alkaline water, it is classed as ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water. Water ionizers from brands like Tyent can produce water where both are present. This may be one of the reasons that Tyent water ionizers are certified medical devices in South Korea and Japan.

Is H2 An Antioxidant?

H2 doesn’t come under the strict definition of an antioxidant. However, it does play a big role in signaling. As a small element, it moves through your body easily once you’ve ingested it via your alkaline water. It can move through the blood-brain barrier, cell membranes, and mitochondria cells and can even penetrate a cell’s nucleus.

Many antioxidants can’t travel through the body in this way; they can’t move across cell membranes like H2, for example.

Some antioxidants are powerful enough to suppress every oxidant within a cell, which isn’t good for gene regulation and cell signaling. H2 targets the oxidation of the cell and doesn’t affect gene regulation or cell signaling.

Tyent UCE-13 Plus

The Tyent UCE-13 Plus is easy to install and produces some of the healthiest water from any water ionizer. The water has a crisp, pure taste that is instantly distinguishable from bottled or tap water.

The Tyent UCE-13 Plus is equipped with 13 electrolysis plates for maximum filtration and ionization. This water ionizer also allows you to set your own hydrogen levels so you can convert water into ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water. It’s an innovative and unique feature that puts this Tyent water ionizer in a class of its own.

What We Like

Easy to install

Firstly, this Tyent Water Ionizer is straightforward to install. One of the downsides of most under-sink water ionizers is that they tend to be harder to install than countertop models. With this model, you won’t have much problem quickly installing it under your sink.

You’ll also like the fact that it sits neatly away out of sight and doesn’t take up any room on your counter.


The Tyent UCE-13 Plus features smartphone-based and touchscreen controls. This makes it really easy to use. To set the pH levels, you can either use one of the pre-programmed buttons or choose your own custom settings.

In total, this Tyent water ionizer has 99 presets to choose from. It’s unlikely that you’ll end up using all of them, but it’s great to know you have so many options. If you want water with an advanced alkaline pH, a neutral pH, or acidic water, the Tyent UCE-13 Plus makes it easy.

Motion proximity sensor

Another great feature of this water ionizer is its motion proximity sensor. This allows for automated outflow without you having to touch the screen.

Free water report from Tyent USA

If you’re unsure about what pH levels would be most suitable for your water at home, Tyent USA offers a useful solution. The company will give you a free water report after analyzing the water you use at home. This free water report will give you advice on the best pH settings for you to use.

It’s a good idea to take advantage of a free water report from Tyent before purchasing a Tyent water ionizer.


One of the best features of this Tyent water ionizer is its advanced dual filtration system which includes 13 solid/mesh hybrid plates. These solid plates have been dipped multiple times in platinum to give them a higher pH range.

The first part of the filtration system can remove contaminants down to 0.1 microns.


The Tyent UCE-13 Plus also has really good ionization levels. It has a negative ORP level up to -1050, and the pH levels range from 1.7pH to 12.0pH. This allows it to produce some of the healthiest water you can get, which sets it apart from many other under-sink ionizers.

H2 settings

This water ionizer is equipped with a setting for producing water containing H2 and Structured Water Clusters. As previously mentioned, this comes with a host of health benefits. If you purchase the Tyent UCE-13 Plus, you’ll have immediate access to your own supply of ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water.

Flood Prevention

One innovative element of this water ionizer is its flood avoidance sensors. This handy technology means that you don’t need to worry about floods in your kitchen. If there are issues, your Tyent water ionizer is covered by a lifetime warranty – a rare perk with water ionizer brands.


The first thing you’ll notice when drinking the alkaline water from this ionizer is the amazing taste. It feels pure and goes down smoothly. You certainly won’t detect any of that metallic taste you often get from tap water.

What Could Be Better

It’s expensive

This water ionizer does have a pretty high price point. So, it’s not the best option if you’re on a tight budget. Still, it’s definitely worth the price for all the amazing features that are included. You won’t find a better under-sink ionizer that costs less than the Tyent UCE-13 Plus.

Installation can be tricky

Although the Tyent UCE-13 Plus is easier to install than most other under-sink water ionizers, it still has its challenges. If you have plumbing experience, you’ll be fine; if not, installing it may take a while.

However, the unit comes with detailed instructions for installation. If you follow these closely, you should be able to install it yourself. There are also instructional videos on how to install it.

Tyent H2 Hybrid

The Tyent H2 Hybrid is another excellent water ionizer that can remove up to 99.9% of impurities from tap water. It comes with smart features and an advanced dual filtration system.

This Tyent water ionizer is a countertop model, which means it doesn’t need to be installed under your sink. It’s also self-cleaning, which saves a lot of time and ensures your water is always clean and fresh.

What We Like

Twin Cell Technology

This countertop water ionizer comes with Twin Cell Technology which was a first for the ionizer industry. It has both a dedicated hydrogen cell and an electrolysis chamber. The two combine to produce water that is very rich in antioxidants. It’s some of the tastiest and healthiest water you’ll ever drink.


The Tyent H2 Hybrid features two filters: a carbon filter and a TM-ceramic filter. Without the need for a synthetic resin binder, the membranes in this unit provide multiple filtration stages. This can remove pollutants up to 0.01 microns. That’s an industry-leading level of filtration.

The water filters are also very easy to replace. You simply load them into the front of the unit and then carry on using it. The filters are designed to last for around 960 gallons of water which is about six months of usage.


The Tyent H2 Hybrid only takes a few minutes to install. In fact, it’s one of the easiest countertop water ionizers to install that’s currently on the market. Unlike with under-sink models, you don’t need to drill any holes in your counter or modify your plumbing. You simply attach it to your faucet, and you’re good to go.

Touch Controls

One of the best features of this unit is its color-backlit LED interface. The touchscreen is really simple to use and only requires one touch to access various settings. The backlight color also changes to distinguish between acid and alkaline water. This is a really useful feature that makes the interface user-friendly.

The multi-function jog dial is also handy and allows you to control the Auto-Fill Quantity Selector. The H2 water button is included on the jog dial as well.

H2 Levels

Not only does this water ionizer produce alkaline water with any pH level you like, but it also produces water with high levels of H2. In fact, it can produce water with the same amount of H2 as the Tyent UCE-13 Plus without the same installation requirements.

This gives you a very significant amount of antioxidants in every glass of water. This is one of the reasons that Tyent water ionizers are certified medical devices in both Japan and South Korea.

Auto-Fill Technology

The Tyent H2 Hybrid is equipped with Auto-Fill Technology. This makes it really straightforward to fill up your container. The technology automatically senses when your container is at capacity and then stops the outflow of water. So, you can leave your container to fill up without worrying about it flooding over the top.

What Could Be Better

Can’t produce ‘medical grade’ alkaline water

Although the Tyent H2 Hybrid produces water with high H2 levels, it can’t produce ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water. This is due to a lack of Structured Water Clusters in the water it converts. In this way, it doesn’t have as many health benefits as the water that’s produced by the Tyent UCE-13 Plus.

Still, it has better H2 capabilities than many of Tyent’s machines.


As this Tyent water ionizer has both an alkalizer and an H2 generator, it is relatively large. This means it does take up a bit of space on your countertop. If you have a medium to large-sized counter, then this won’t be an issue. If you have a small counter, then it might get in the way.

Even with it being bigger than some other Tyent water ionizers, it’s still not huge. Plus, the size is worth it for the results you get from this unit.

Tyent ACE-13

In 2019, The Tyent ACE-13 was named the water ionizer of the year. It still remains one of the most reliable models that you can buy. It’s a countertop unit, so it’s easy to install and has 13 solid/mesh hybrid plates for amazing filtration.

It also has a really good flow rate and several excellent features. This includes a 7th-Gen SMP Plus power source, a motion proximity sensor, and the Water Quality Selection feature. It can produce water with high levels of H2 but not the ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water that the UCE-13 Plus can.

What We Like

13 Solid/mesh hybrid plates

Like the Tyent UCE-13 Plus, this Tyent water ionizer has 13 solid/mesh hybrid plates. These solid plates are coated in platinum in Tyent’s manufacturing facility, which allows for high levels of ionization. Due to these solid plates, you have access to more than 99 levels of acidic and alkaline water.

Advanced dual filtration system

The dual filtration system in this Tyent water ionizer is one of its best features. It removes more than 200 types of contaminants and toxins. It’s also able to remove solid impurities that have a diameter of between 0.05 to 5 microns. That means you don’t need to worry about any sediments, rust, or sand in your alkaline water.

These filters are built to last, and you shouldn’t need to replace them for around a year. The filters are also front-loaded, which means they’re no trouble to remove and replace.


The Tyent ACE-13 has a much sleeker design than the H2 Hybrid. It’s made from stainless steel and has a nice, smooth finish that looks pleasing in any kitchen. Plus, its footprint is smaller than the H2 Hybrid’s, which means it doesn’t take up as much room on your counter.

LCD touchscreen

The LCD touchscreen is very user-friendly and doesn’t take much getting used to. From the interface, you can control all of the amazing features that this Tyent water ionizer has to offer. This includes the turbo modes, pH levels, and the hydrogen generator.

The controls also have a motion proximity sensor. This piece of tech means you can start and stop the water flow with a simple wave of the hand.


As with the H2 Hybrid, this Tyent water ionizer doesn’t require custom installation. It’s just a case of plugging it in, attaching it to your faucet, and then enjoying the health benefits of your new water ionizer.

What Could Be Better


The Tyent ACE-13 has a similarly high price point to the UCE-13 Plus. This means it’s not a budget-friendly option. Still, it’s definitely worth the investment as this is one of the best water ionizers on the market.

Unable to produce ‘medical grade’ alkaline water

As mentioned, all of Tyent’s water ionizers are certified medical devices in South Korea and Japan. The water that the ACE-13 produces has many health benefits, but it’s not able to produce ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water. Despite the high levels of H2 it can produce, there are no Structured Water Clusters present.

Features To Look for in a Water Ionizer

Water ionizers have steadily grown in popularity over the past few years. This is not surprising considering all of the amazing health benefits they can provide. However, it does mean that there are now a lot of different options when you’re planning to buy a water ionizer.

Inevitably, this means that there are good options and bad options. Some water ionizers are sub-par and won’t give you the kind of water you’re looking for. Some are overpriced and don’t have the same high-tech features as other models.

Let’s take a look at the factors you should consider when shopping around for a water ionizer.

High alkaline water pH range

The point of a water ionizer is that it produces water with various pH levels. These levels determine whether that water is alkaline or acidic.

The pH scale is arranged in ascending order from 0-14:

  • 0-6 is acidic water – this has a variety of uses.
  • 7 is neutral – this is the pH level of most regular water.
  • Above 7 is alkaline.

Ideal ph levels

In drinking water, the ideal pH level is between 8 and 9.5. When alkaline water reaches this level of pH, you start to reap the best health benefits.

A high-end water ionizer should be able to achieve pH levels of 11.5. It should also be able to reach acidic pH levels as low as 2. This means that you can alter the pH levels to produce water with many different uses.

So, when you’re looking for a high-quality water ionizer, you need to make sure that it has this kind of pH range.

High number of electrolysis plates

The quantity and quality of the electrolysis plates are the most important factor of a good water ionizer. If you’re planning on buying a non-electric water ionizer, this won’t be an issue, as they use filters instead of plates.

The electrolysis plates determine how well the ionizer will be able to convert tap water into alkaline water.

The three different types of electrolysis plates found in water ionizers

  • Solid plates: these are very durable but are not as effective for electrolysis.
  • Mesh plates: these are more effective for electrolysis, but they’re not as durable as solid plates.
  • Solid/mesh hybrid plates: hybrid plates are the best type. They’re highly durable and are also really effective for electrolysis. They’re also able to turn tap water into hydrogen water.

The number of electrolysis plates varies widely between water ionizers. They range from having 3 to 13 plates. The number of plates affects the machine’s:

  • pH levels
  • Cost
  • ORP potential
  • Flow rate

The more plates, the better

It’s always cheaper to buy a water ionizer with fewer plates. However, the quality of the machine and the water it produces will be quite low. Generally, you shouldn’t buy a water ionizer if it has fewer than five plates. If you do, the machine won’t be able to produce water with a suitably high pH level.

You should look for a water ionizer that has between 7 and 13 plates.

Water ionizers with 7-9 plates are guaranteed to produce water with a wide range of pH levels. The water will be good quality and will have high antioxidant levels. The machine will also have a suitable flow rate.

The best water ionizers on the market have 11-13 plates. These machines are able to produce the highest quality water with the most health benefits. The flow rate of these machines is also of superior quality to those with fewer plates.

As mentioned, non-electric water ionizers don’t use plates. They use filters instead. They’re able to produce water that contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and potassium.

High oxidation-reduction potential

If water has a positive ORP, it’s considered to be an oxidizing agent. This is often the case for both tap water and bottled water. When water is converted by a water ionizer, it creates a negative ORP. This means that the water then becomes an anti-oxidizing agent.

By drinking water with a negative ORP, you can help to reduce the number of free radicals in your body. This is one of the many health benefits of alkaline water.

It’s best to find a water ionizer that can achieve levels of around -1000 mV. Unfortunately, most lower-end models are unable to reach this. Tyent water ionizers have a maximum negative ORP of -1050 mV. This makes them the ideal choice if you’re looking for anti-oxidizing water.

Produces ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water

There are very few water ionizers on the market that can produce ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water. Yet, this is where you’ll find the widest range of health benefits.

For alkaline water to be classed as ‘Medical Grade, ‘ both Molecular Hydrogen (H2) and Structured Water Clusters must be present. Whilst there are many ionizers that can produce water containing H2, most of them can’t produce Structured Water Clusters as well.

So far, the only machine that we’re certain can do this is the Tyent UCE-13 Plus. If drinking ‘Medical Grade’ water is important to you, then this is the machine you should go for.

What is the Best Water Ionizer on the Market?

If you’re looking for a water ionizer with the latest technology and the best features, we’d recommend the Tyent UCE-13 Plus. Its 13 plates allow it to produce alkaline water of the highest quality, and its interface makes it really easy to use. It may be a little tricky to install, but it’s more than worth it.

The UCE-13 Plus is also able to produce ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water, which is very beneficial to your health. The fact it fits under your sink is also ideal if you have a counter with a small surface area.

Customers who have bought the UCE-13 Plus report that it has increased their energy levels and sense of overall well-being.

If you have a counter with a larger surface area, you may prefer a countertop model. Out of all of Tyent’s machines, the H2 Hybrid is one of the easiest to install. It can also produce both alkaline and hydrogen water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do water ionizers work?

Water ionizers work by passing tap water through a dual-filtration process. The first step filters out toxins like sediments, chlorine, bacteria, organic waste, and other harmful components. It also removes unpleasant odors and tastes from the water.

Then, a process of electrolysis is initiated by using an electrical charge and a number of plates. The top ionizers use a high number of plates which are dipped multiple times in platinum for maximum durability. These are the kind of water ionizers that Tyent offers.

The process of electrolysis raises the pH levels in the water and converts it into alkaline water. Or it lowers the pH levels in the water to turn it into acidic water.

Do all ionizers come with a built-in water filter?

Water ionizers from reputable brands, such as Tyent, contain water filters. If you come across a water ionizer without a water filter, then we wouldn’t recommend that you purchase it. Water filters are used to remove contaminants and unwanted chemicals from tap water.

So, you should make sure that a water ionizer has a water filter before you purchase it.

What’s the difference between a countertop and under counter water ionizer?

The biggest difference between under-sink and countertop water ionizers is how they are installed. Under-sink ionizers are installed underneath your counter, and countertop ones sit on your counter.

Another difference is that under-sink models usually have faucet controls and countertop models tend to have digital interfaces. In terms of price, under-sink models are often more expensive than countertop models.

Is it safe to use alkaline or acidic water?

It’s safe to use both alkaline and acidic water. However, when using water for drinking or cooking, the pH levels should be between 7 and 9. Water that has a pH level below 7 is acidic. This water is great for cleaning and for use in disinfectants. It’s not recommended that you ingest this water.

How do you install a water ionizer?

The installation of a water ionizer will vary depending on which type you choose. Countertop models are the easiest ones to install out of the box. You just need to plug them into a power outlet and then use the supplied hose to attach them to your faucet.

Does ionized water stay alkaline forever?

No, ionized water doesn’t stay alkaline forever. The pH levels will start to drop after three days. When ionized water is properly stored, it can stay alkaline for up to a week.