Ensure Your Water is Safe.

Homeowners and residents want to know their home’s water is clean and free of harmful substances. Water sources can contain harmful substances including lead, arsenic, pesticides, chlorine, and bacteria.

We provide scientific reviews on the latest water filters and alternative health products.

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Which Filter is Right for You?

Point-of-entry water filters (whole house water filters, water softeners) specialize in handling hard-to-remove contaminants. These include organic chemicals like sulfur, synthetic chemicals including PFOA/PFOS, and heavy metals including iron and lead.

Point-of-use water filters (under sink and countertop water filters) also provide strong filtration performance at less cost. They’re easier to setup, maintain, and can include many premium features such UV light filtration.

Whole House Filter

Whole House Water Filters offer robust water filtration to homeowners. They specialize in removing difficult contaminants including heavy metals and forever chemicals such as (PFAS/PFOS). Some include UV light and salt-free water softening. Click here to continue reading.

Under Sink Filter

Under Sink Water Filters are the most popular home water filtration option. They are easy to install and have longer lasting filters than those found in refrigerators and water pitchers. Some even UV light filtration, tankless design, and stylish faucet options. Click here to continue reading.

Countertop Filter

Countertop water filters are most preferred by apartment owners due to requiring minimal or no installation. They offer reverse osmosis filtration, smart features for ease of use, and hassle-free filter replacement. Click here to continue reading.

Tired of Feeling… Sick and Tired?

Those suffering from low energy, poor sleep, and lack of mental clarity swear by drinking Alkaline Water as part of their daily routine. Water Ionizer machines use state-of-the-art technology to raise the pH level of water.

The newest models pack a one-two punch by adding molecular hydrogen to the mix. This improves nutrient absorption, boosts cellular energy levels, and enhances feelings of well-being. Click here to continue reading.

EWG Tap Water Quality Map (2021 Update)

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