Health in Hiding: The Power of Undersink Water Ionizers

Health in Hiding: The Power of Undersink Water Ionizers

When thinking about the quality of your drink water, have you ever considered what’s really coming out of your tap? Enter water ionizers. These devices do more than just filter your water; they enhance it, adding health benefits with every glass.

Now, why choose an undersink model? It’s simple. They fit neatly under your sink, saving space and keeping your countertops clutter-free.

Clean, safe, and healthy drinking water should be standard in every home – and a water ionizer right under your sink is a sophisticated and effective solution.

Below, we take a closer look at why undersink water ionizers are a smart choice. We compare them with countertop alternatives and help you choose the best model for healthy water in every glass.

Understanding Undersink Water Ionizers

You’re likely already familiar with what a water ionizer is, but what about an undersink water ionizer?

An undersink water ionizer is a machine that brings together the benefits of water filtration and ionization, all neatly installed under your kitchen sink. Unlike bulkier countertop models, this setup is discreet and space-saving, integrating seamlessly with your existing plumbing.

An ionizer under your sink first acts as a filter. The filter intercepts your cold water line beneath the sink. As water flows through this system, it passes through filter media which traps contaminants and impurities, ensuring the water is clean.

After filtration, the water undergoes ionization by being exposed to an electric current. This process changes the water’s molecular structure, infusing it with negative ions. The result is alkaline ionized water, which is touted for its health benefits and believed to be a healthier alternative to regular tap water.

Countertop vs Under Counter Water Ionizer

When deciding on a water ionizer for your home, you’re faced with two main choices: countertop or under-counter models. Each model has their unique benefits and drawbacks, and understanding these can help you make an informed decision based on your preference and kitchen layout.

Countertop water ionizers

Countertop water ionizers are designed to sit on your kitchen counter and are directly connected to your faucet. These models are ideal for those who prefer an easy installation without the need for significant kitchen modifications.

They usually come with a stylish look and slim design to blend in with modern kitchen aesthetics. Plus, their displays are easily accessible for setting the pH level and monitoring water quality.


  • Easy installation: A countertop ionizer is generally straightforward to install and doesn’t require complex plumbing.
  • Convenience: Easy to adjust the settings and monitor the system
  • Lower cost: Countertop models are typically more affordable than under-counter ones.


  • Countertop space: Takes up valuable counter space, which can be a downside in smaller kitchens.
  • Aesthetic impact: Given that they’re visible, they might not blend seamlessly with every kitchen’s decor.
  • Limited filtration capacity: They may not offer as many filtration stages as under-counter models.

Under-counter water ionizers

Under-counter water ionizers are installed beneath your kitchen sink. They are connected directly to your water line and often come with a dedicated faucet.

This type of ionizer is perfect for those who prefer a clean, uncluttered kitchen look and don’t mind a more extensive installation process. Plus, they can often offer more features and advanced filtration stages thanks to the large space available under the sink.


  • Space efficiency: They’re installed out of sight, so they don’t take up any counter space or affect the aesthetic of your kitchen.
  • Advanced filtration: Due to more space under the sink, these models can offer more advanced filtration stages.
  • Unaffected water flow: They generally don’t reduce the water flow rate significantly, so you’ll get great-tasting, purified water quickly.


  • Higher cost: Generally, more expensive than countertop models, especially with installation.
  • Complex installation: The installation process can be challenging. If you’re not experienced with plumbing, you might need to hire a professional to ensure the system is installed correctly.

How to Make Medical-Grade Alkaline Water

To get the best quality alkaline water, you might think about simple home methods like stirring a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of water or adding lemons or cucumbers. These can raise the pH and help remove some impurities, but they don’t quite match up to the health benefits of ‘Medical Grade’ alkaline water.

The most effective way to achieve the best water taste and quality is by using water ionizers.

For alkaline water to be ‘Medical Grade’, it has to have both molecular hydrogen (H2) and microclusters. A lot of machines can add H2 to water, but not all can make micro-clustered water. For example, the Tyent UCE-13 Plus is a machine that can do both.

Molecular hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen, or H2, is a tasteless, odorless, and invisible gas that provides great health benefits. For one, it combats oxidative stress in cells, which is often linked to lifestyle-related diseases, aging, and various ailments.

This gas works by keeping important natural antioxidants in your body in check. Plus, it can help with aiding organ function, reducing swelling, fighting allergies, and preventing cell damage. It can also give your cells more energy and help your body use nutrients better.

Structured water/Micro-clusters

Structured water or micro-clustered water refers to the arrangement of water molecules into smaller clusters. Regular tap water under pressure typically has large clusters of 12-14 molecules, but ionized water breaks them down into groups of about 5-6 molecules.

These smaller groups are easier for your body to soak up, which means you experience better hydration. This water is also great for helping your body get rid of acidic waste and toxins.

Comparison with Kangen Water

Kangen water is a type of alkaline water produced by machines from the company Enagic.

These machines are known for creating Kangen water through a process called electrolysis.

Kangen water ionizers take tap water, clean it, and then use electrolysis to separate the water into hydrogen and oxygen. This process makes water alkaline – making the pH higher than regular tap water.

The result is what Enagic describes as an antioxidant, mineral-rich, pure, safe, healthy drinking, and alkaline water – otherwise known as “Kangen Water”.

However, one of the major drawbacks of Kangen water ionizers is that the alkaline water they produce is not considered medical grade. This means it may lack some of the health benefits found in medical-grade alkaline water.

Additionally, the term ‘Kangen Water’ is trademarked by Enagic, meaning that while other ionizers can produce an alkaline environment in water, they can’t create “Kangen Water”. This exclusivity doesn’t necessarily mean that Kangen water is superior to other alkaline waters; it’s more about brand differentiation.

Detailed Look at Water Ionizer Brands


Tyent stands out as a top choice in the water ionizer market. Their products are packed with modern features like touch-screen controls, dual filtration systems, and automated self-cleaning.

Their ionizers offer a wide pH range (2.0 to 12.0) and can produce various levels of alkaline and acidic water.

The Tyent UCE-13 PLUS is especially recommended as the best ionizer available, setting a high standard in quality and functionality.


Kangen by Enagic, originating from Japan, is a well-known name in the alkaline ionizer industry.

Their machines, which use titanium plates coated with platinum, have a pH range of 2.5 to 11.5. They can also produce five types of water, including strong alkaline, alkaline, neutral, acidic, and strong acidic.

Kangen machines are recognized as medical devices by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

Water for Life

Water for Life is the ideal choice for those looking for an affordable and sustainable water ionizing solution. Their ionizers are user-friendly, with a single filter and simple display.

With a pH range of 3.5 to 10.5, these ionizers can produce seven levels of both alkaline and acidic water. Water for Life is an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers who want simple yet effective water ionizers.

Aqua Ionizer Pro

Aqua Ionizer Pro offers a balance between affordability and a range of features. Their ionizers are designed to offer convenience with features like voice confirmation, filter replacement alerts, and adjustable sound settings.

These ionizers offer a pH range of 4.0 to 11.0 and can produce seven levels of alkaline and acidic water. They include features like a filter replacement indicator and self-cleaning function, suitable for those wanting a mix of affordability and features.


AlkaViva is known for its patented technology and high-performance water ionizers. Their ionizers use SMART electrodes and UltraWater filters to remove 99.9% of contaminants like heavy metals and chemicals.

They also have a pH range of 3.0 to 11.5 and the ability to produce eight levels of alkaline and acidic water. Overall, AlkaViva is a trusted choice for those seeking top-notch water purification technology.


What are the health benefits of ionized water?

Ionized water removes contaminants from your water, including chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. It restores the body’s pH balance which can help combat acidity that can lead to fatigue, illness, and joint pain. Ionized water also acts as a powerful antioxidant.

But beyond these healthy benefits, with water ionizers, you also get great-tasting water.

Can any water ionizer be installed under the sink?

No, not all water ionizers are designed to be installed under the sink. Under-sink water ionizers are specifically designed to be installed under the sink. They often come with a separate faucet that is installed on the sink deck, allowing for easy access to the ionized water.


An undersink water ionizer is a great investment for your health and home. It not only purifies your water but also adds health benefits by ionizing it. These systems fit neatly under your sink, saving counter space and enhancing your kitchen’s look.

For those interested in top-quality water ionization, we recommend exploring the Tyent UCE-13 PLUS further. Our detailed review will give you a better understanding of why it could be the best choice for your home.

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