UCE-13 Plus Filters: Longevity Defined

Changing water filters can be a real struggle. It takes time, effort and it also takes money to get new filters every week for some water filtration systems. Some systems require you to change your filters very often which can end up costing hundreds of dollars each year to change them on the appropriate schedule.

How Long Does a UCE-13 Filter Last?

Filters for the TyentUSA UCE-13 Filtration systems last up to 6 months with regular use, meaning that you can save big on filters with the UCE-13 system. These filters do come in sets as the system does use two filters. The set comes with your first and second filter so that you can change both filters on the appropriate schedule to keep your system working properly.

Filters are an essential part of making sure that your filtration system is working properly and that there is no build up or other issues that cause your system to work improperly. Each filter set costs around $149.00 and you can get them delivered right to your home. These filters are going to last you for up to 6 months and are going to work as good the first day as they do the last day.

The overall design of the filters is meant to offer a multistage filtration of your water to ensure that the water you are drinking is clean and that it is going to help you feel better and improve your health overall. By having two filters, both filters are going to last longer than they would if there was only one filter to completely filter the water.

The first filter is going to remove things like chlorine, agrichemicals, large particulates and more. This is going to take out all of the larger particulates which makes it easier for the second filter to do its job. Your second filter is going to remove bacteria and other smaller issues that might be present in your water.

Why Choose a TyentUSA System?

Our systems are designed to help you get the best, cleanest and healthiest water possible. Our systems not only filter out things like large particulates, it also removes things like chemicals that might be present. They also add molecular hydrogen to your water to help you feel better.

What molecular hydrogen does is helps to strengthen the cells and helps to prevent things like cell damage that are often caused by free radicals. This type of hydrogen works well to help you feel better, give you more energy, and also helps you to feel better overall.

Our systems are easy to use, easy to install, and are great if you want a system that is going to stay and that is going to work well for the duration of the time that you have it in your home. Replacing the filters is easy and there are even cleaning filters that help to clean your system totally and remove things like calcium build up and other issues that might alter the way that your system works. When it comes to filtered water and water filtration systems, it is so important to make sure that you are getting a system that is going to work for you, that is going to help you feel better, and that is going to help you get healthier overall. Water is essential to life, we have to have it for our bodies to function. Making sure that you have a filtration system that is going to work for you can make all the difference and can help you get water that you are actually happy to drink.

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