Dual Filtration: UCE-13 Plus’s Purity Promise

If you scroll the internet, you’ll likely see articles about water contamination and the need for healthy drinking water. This is an ongoing issue that only seems to be getting worse. That’s why the UCE-13 Plus water filtration system is not just an option but a necessary device in every home. Using cutting-edge technology, it’s possible to have clean water that’s purified of contaminants and fully alkaline for optimal benefits.

The Global Water Crisis

Water contamination is a crisis that affects everyone, not just Americans. Your body is around 60% water, and you must constantly keep your water levels optimal for your system to function correctly. Two things threaten the water supplies around the world: industrial development and growth.

While the world is growing and changing, the need for water that is free of microorganisms, heavy metals, and chemicals is imperative. Not only does unclean water threaten public health, but traditional methods of purifying are no longer effective. While some systems will remove some impurities, they do not remove all of them.

This makes the UCE-13 Plus superior because it removes over 200 using the ceramic and carbon block filtration system. Double filtration is the way to go, as one cleansing method isn’t sufficient with today’s water concerns.

Why Does Dual Filtration Technology Make a Difference?

Dual filtration is a game changer when it comes to water purification. The UCE-13 Plus produces quality water free from contaminants because of the advanced process. In the first purification phase, a high-grade sediment filter starts filtration.

This filter will remove sand, rust, dirt, and other debris. Larger particles don’t stand a chance when matched with this filter, and since it captures the larger pieces, it helps extend the second filter’s life. Clogging filters are a common problem in water purification, but the sediment filter helps prevent this.

The second stage is where the true magic happens. It’s a sophisticated multi-layered filter that captures smaller toxins that might pass through other systems. It targets the small things that can make people sick, such as viruses, bacteria, lead, mercury, and even organic compounds.

The UCE-13 Plus makes the water healthier to drink and improves its taste. It’s impressive how sand and other contaminants like lead can affect water quality. Since water contamination varies or is unpredictable in many areas of the country, you need something to protect your family from what you can’t see.

It’s Environmentally Friendly Too

Everyone’s concerned about the environment, and it’s undeniable that it’s impacting things close to home. One of the beautiful things about the UCE-13 Plus is that it reduces the need for bottled water. Did you know that Americans use more than 70 billion water bottles each year and 80% of those are sitting in landfills across the country?

That’s eight metric tons of garbage floating in the oceans and polluting the earth. The real problem is that it takes 1,000 years for one water bottle to decompose, so think of how many bottles you’ve thrown out this year alone. Our machine is designed with Mother Earth in mind. Dual filtration keeps you safe, but less plastic keeps our planet healthier.

The Purity Promise That Offers a Solution for Today and Tomorrow

Our commitment to purity is what sets us apart from the rest. By utilizing our dual filtration system, you can ensure every glass of water has nothing harmful in it. It’s not just a sales gimmick, either, as we’ve backed up our claims with rigorous testing and certifications by the appropriate agencies. We’ve made significant advancements in water filtration technology, and the UCE-13 Plus ensures clean drinking water for your entire family.

About the author

Carlisle Edwards (Sr. Writer, Water Filtration) writes our content on water filtration, reverse osmosis, and avoiding waterborne contamination. He has experience in water and food safety and conducts microbiology research. He’s WaterAudit’s resident sports fan, and loves cheering on his local LA Galaxy soccer team.