Top 6 Benefits of Tyent USA’s Alkaline Water for Your Health

Alkaline water is a secret powerhouse to help increase your health, energy, and overall well-being. Alkaline water has a higher pH than normal tap water which makes it a healthier alternative to help neutralize the body’s pH level to unlock many health benefits. Tyent’s alkaline water is created by its innovative water ionizer machine that injects additional hydrogen into regular water, turning it into high-pH alkaline water. Unlike bottled alkaline water, the hydrogen found in Tyent’s alkaline water is pure but only lasts a maximum of 24 hours, making its water ionizer machine the ultimate solution for fresh in-home alkaline water everyday.

Since water makes up about 80% of our body’s composition, it’s important to consider the type of water we consume on a daily basis. Here are the top six benefits of Tyent’s alkaline water for your health.

Weight Loss

High-profile celebrities have been praising the benefits of high-pH diets for years now and the rest of us are finally catching up. Keeping the body consistently alkaline may help you lose weight and also maintain a healthy weight. People often associate diet with the food they eat and will eat alkaline-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. However, switching to alkaline water is equally as important when taking advantage of high-pH dieting for weight loss in order to get the full benefits. Alkaline water helps neutralize and release acidic waste from the body which in turn can promote weight loss.

Antioxidant Source

Tyent’s alkaline water has the addition of hydrogen gas to increase its pH. This added hydrogen helps neutralize free radicals that we can get from our everyday environment. Free radicals are atoms from the environment that can be absorbed by the body and cause damage to cells, leading to illness and aging. We can’t stop free radicals from entering our body, so it’s important to take proactive preventative measures such as increasing our antioxidant intake to neutralize these free radicals. Alkaline water is an easy way to increase your daily antioxidants without having to change your current diet.

Skin Boost

We all want to age gracefully, and alkaline water can help achieve radiant skin over time. Staying well hydrated is a key component to the health of our skin, since our body is primarily made of water. Tyent’s alkaline water helps eliminate toxins from the body in general but also the skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion in the long term.

Improved Energy

Alkaline water can help boost your energy levels if you constantly feel drained during the day. This includes extra energy to work, exercise, clean the house, and do normal everyday activities. Alkaline water has more hydrogen ions versus regular water, and this abundance of hydrogen gives a natural boost of energy.

Better Workouts

If you love to workout, Tyent’s alkaline water helps with speeding up recovery time. Exercise causes lactic acid build-up in muscle tissues which can lead to soreness. The more intense the workout, the more the lactic acid is built up. The molecular hydrogen in alkaline water helps the body to neutralize the lactic acid to reduce post-workout muscle soreness and promote faster recovery time.

All-Natural Cleaning

In addition to using alkaline water for your body, it can also be used as an all-natural cleaner for your home. Traditional household cleaning products often contain toxic and unhealthy chemicals. Using Tyent’s alkaline water to clean your home is an all-natural alternative because bacteria can’t live in a high-pH environment, making alkaline water a safe alternative to standard cleaning agents. There are so many health benefits of drinking and using alkaline water on a daily basis, and Tyent’s water ionizer machine creates the purest form of high-pH water so that you can reap the benefits without leaving your house. Tyent’s alkaline water is the easiest way to switch to high-pH living and increase the well-being of your family.

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