13 Plates, Optimal Hydration: UCE-13 Plus

The PH balance on the UCE-13 Plus can be set as low as 1.7. According to scientific studies, drinking alkaline in the water is real. Alkaline can reduce the presence of inflammation in the body. The UCE-13 Plus by Tyent is a water filter that seems to perform wonders.

 Of all the ionize water filters that fit under the sink, the UCE-13 Plus has a hydrogen boost ability that can aid with health issues no other water filter can. UCE-13 Plus is a water filter ionizer that is essential to have if someone is suffering from gastrointestinal include IBS, Crohn’s disease, GERD’s disease cancer, and more. This ionizer water filter is affordable, but the benefits are absolutely priceless. People with an outbreak of Crohn’s disease find this alkaline water very soothing to drink. The filter not only comes with paper instructions on how to use it, but there is also a video to help with installation if a professional plumber isn’t around.

There are other benefits found in drinking alkaline water, not only may it help with cancer symptoms, but alkaline water can also help improve blood circulation. This water filter is easy on the pocketbook because one has to spend money on bottled water.

The UCE-13 contains 13 plates and optimal hydration. The 13 electrolysis plates make the ionic water filtration system able to produce alkaline water with a PH balance of 12.5 maximum. Water can be purified down to .01. The 13-stage filtration system allows the user to adjust the many settings of the water PH to their taste. This 13-stage filtration system is better able to handle the removal of contaminates and impurities from the drinking water. The ionic filtration system is built to last for decades. This water filter is designed to handle even the roughest use.

The Tyent UCE-13 has dual filtration system that rests on electrolysis plates made of platinum coated titanium that helps in adjusting the PH balance. The plates in the UCE 13 are capable of removing mercury, lead, pesticides, chlorine, and many other types of contaminates. The water filtration system makes sure that people get antioxidants in their drinking water, higher than many other filtration systems on the market. Anyone who drinks from this filtration system will improve hydration and boost the immune system. The Tyent UCE-13 is one of the friendly filtration systems on the market. The instructions are easy to understand. The filter is as easy to use as a cellphone touch pad. The PH balance indicator can be adjusted by hand or use the programmed buttons from a choice of 99 presets. The Tyent UCE-13 has a setting for negative ORP level as far as -1050. Tyent has a very generous return policy. The Tyent UCE-13 not only provides healthy drinking water, but anyone can also cook with it. For example, one can cook pasta in high alkaline water making the healthiest main dish ever made. Low PH balances are very acidic and excellent for use in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

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