UL Certified: Trust Your Water’s Safety

UL Certified: Trust Your Water’s Safety

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) was founded in 1894 and has come to be recognized internationally as the standard for testing products in addition to systems and facilities. Its headquarters is located in Northbrook, Illinois.

A UL certification is a very important marketing tool for any company and their product. Most potential consumers will recognize the UL label. Tyent USA and their water ionizer has the UL certification. There is a process for meeting the requirements, and Tyent has taken the steps to achieve that goal.

Tyent’s website lists under its certifications the “UL Collaborative Standards Development System.” That system is defined by UL as a means to maintain its current standards and improve on them by creating new ones.

Companies like Tyent are allowed to serve on committees that strive to maintain the dominance of UL as the standard in certifying products. This is an important process for all involved and demonstrates the importance of Tyent in the product certification marketplace.

Tyent USA meets the safety standards of UL by first certifying that Tyent has taken the steps to comply. Once UL has approved the standards, it is up to Tyent to continue to maintain those standards.

How does a company meet the safety standards? The first step is a full understanding of the standards. Tyent works hard to learn about every requirement and stay posted on any proposed changes. Working on committees that review the standards gives the firm the ability to stay abreast of any changes.

It is an ongoing process to stay fully in compliance with the standards. That is part and parcel of the outstanding work Tyent USA does. It is not just a simple update. It is an ongoing process that makes the firm one and the same with the UL.

UL certification is an ongoing process. Tyent is dedicated to continually meeting the standards and working to ensure other firms also meet the requirements.

Potential purchasers can trust Tyent’s water product and its safety through this UL process. This is very important to marketing and sales in the presence and future.

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