TyentUSA’s Certifications: A Mark of Trusted Quality

Tyent USA is located in Sewell, New Jersey, and manufactures Water Ionizers. This consumer product produces healthy water. Specifically, it is alkaline water which neutralizes the acid most people intake in their diet. In addition, the water from the ionizer is hydrogen rich water which produces antioxidants. They are responsible for giving the user energy and a general healthy body.

The company has been awarded numerous certifications which lead to trust among consumers. Anyone seeking to purchase a water ionizer from Tyent USA can be reassured by these awards that they are obtaining a product that does what it claims to do.


This is an organization that receives both positive and negative reviews concerning products from users. If a company has an excellent rating, that means that consumers are content with the product. For the consumer considering purchasing a water ionizer, it gives them the confidence that the product will perform as advertised. Tyent has an A+ rating.


This is an organization that promotes clean and quality drinking water. Tyent USA is a member. Their water has been tested by an independent lab with the report being available for any consumer. Another avenue showing trust for the consumer.


This is not technically a certification. It is more of a guarantee from the company that they utilize plastics that prevent dangerous chemical residue from entering the water. As the company’s website points out, these plastics are both water and food safe. This is obviously extremely important, and it is one more point for consumers to trust these water ionizers.


This is a logo that identifies to any user that the product complies with all of the European protection standards relating to health, safety, and the environment. These standards were put in place to protect consumers, and they also give the element of trust that Tyent is meeting those European standards.


This certification deals with electrical equipment and components. Tyent’s water ionizers utilize electricity. It is extremely important for any consumer to know that the electrical device they are using is safe and will not cause fires or other problems.

Tyent USA proudly displays this logo on their website to indicate that they are in full compliance with the requirements necessary to achieve this certification.


This is the last of the top six certifications that Tyent USA highlights on its website. It is not the last one of the many accreditations, but it is considered to be very important for any consumer.

This represents certification from independent companies in Germany and Austria that inspect and rate products like the water ionizer. Their testing laboratory is internationally recognized for examining electrical products for safety and other considerations.

The website of Tyent USA lists 14 more certifications the company has received. All of them are important, but the six listed above are most likely more familiar to the average consumer. That makes them generate more trust. People tend to believe in companies or firms that have heard of or have knowledge of their existence.

An example of the 14 is the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Another is Good Design which is handed out in Japan for products that show excellent design. That would be the water ionizer. All of these certifications give the potential customer of Tyent USA’s water ionizer the confidence to purchase the product knowing that it has been strenuously examined and found to be a good quality item that matches its advertised qualities.

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