TyentUSA and the Future of Hydration Technology

Tyent USA is a water ionizing machine, a small household appliance that balances the pH levels of regular tap water to make it more alkaline or acidic. At Tyent USA believe they have the most robust, reliable, and powerful plates in the hydration technology industry. Tyent USA guarantees a lifetime warranty on their products. Tyent USA uses cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality water ionization system on their products to meet the demand for the best, healthiest, freshest, and tastiest water for individuals and families. Without compromising on the quality and technology of their products, Tyent has the best appliances for water ionization.

The technology applied by Tyent USA on their products is undisputed one of a kind, changing the course of water consumption and how the world views water. Tyent has stepped into the future and given a glimpse of what to expect in the future in matters of hydration technology through its innovations, which are:

 -Creating the enormous plate surface in the industry, their 9-plate, 11-plate, and 13-plate water ionizer guarantees more power and excellent alkaline and acidic water capabilities. It also means a stronger PH, making Tyent the champion in producing the strongest negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) available in the market.

-Tyent water ionizers feature a medical-grade solid mesh hybrid plate technology for maximum electrolysis distribution.

-With a dual high-performance filtration of 0.1-micron filter system, Tyent offers a self-cleaning technology design to all its devices to remove all impurities and toxic contaminants.

 -Tyent water ionizer embodies a lot of capabilities with water of 2.3-3.5 PH and can be used as an antiseptic and all-natural sanitizer for surfaces. Water with a PH of 10 and higher is suitable for removing oil-based herbicides and pesticides from fruits and vegetables, removing stains, and preparing meals.

-Tyent has pioneered in offering 55 adjustable power settings for alkaline and acidic presets using an advanced computerized SMPS (switch-mode-power-supply) plus power system. Hence creating the perfect glass of ionized alkaline water, whatever the water source may be.

-Tyent has established a one-touch technology of any icon on the control panel you can access clean water anytime you feel like it. They have made it easier to use by children, seniors, and everyone in between.

-Its highly advanced plates and adjustable power setting allow the ionizers to reach low acidic PH levels and high alkaline PH levels without the use of any dangerous chemicals.

-Using an automated polarity anti-scale technology (PAST), the most advanced cleaning system in the industry, ensures minimal scale building up on the electrodes for long-term performance and healthier water.

-Tyent, with its advanced technology, has ensured that the water produced contains high levels of powerful natural antioxidants, which help to free radical damage caused by an assortment of daily factors such as UVA/UVB exposure, stress, pollution, pesticides, and more.

-Tyent sophisticated countertop models and space-saving under-the-counter faucets with a beautiful chrome finish and a smartphone-inspired touch screen, makes the kitchen look stylish.

-Tyent has developed customized pre-filter options for any water source so that users can adapt their water ionizer to any portable water source.

-Investing in a Tyent water ionizer is a wise decision that cuts spending on bottled water by six cents per glass. With its filters attached to your faucet, you will have an unlimited supply of the best-tasting, healthiest, and cleanest water on the planet at the touch of a button. Tyent USA water ionizer have the highest standard there is in hydration technology ticking all boxes in terms of water technology. Tyent has also received international appraisals for quality and exceptional products.

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