Transformative Ionized H2O: UCE-13 Plus Experience

Tyent has released several devices that take boring, basic water and supercharge it into something amazing. This is an overview of an experience with their “UCE-13 Plus” water ionizer.

One of the most obvious things to remark about this machine is that it is the first model of ionizer to incorporate a Motion Proximity Sensor. While this feature sounds really fancy, it just means that the water flow happens at an automatic pace. As to why you might want a motion sensor in your water ionizer, it makes the machine idiot-proof by way of not requiring a single button press to dispense hydration.

Since plates are a crucial component for ionizers, I was more than thrilled to see that the UCE-13 Plus comes equipped with 13 solid-mesh titanium plates. These many plates mean that it can go about its ionizing process accurately and without fail.

You might be curious about the installation process for such a piece of tech but I was thrilled to see how direct it all went. The only thing the installation calls for is hooking the UCE-13 Plus up to a kitchen faucet without even needing to turn off the water. Once you’ve hooked your ionizer up to the faucet, the only other step is to interact with the simple touchscreen interface.

A quick examination of components revealed that this particular device comes with a pair of high-power water filters. This double-filter feature means that you are removing all but one one-hundredth of a percent of the nastiness that might be found within your tap water. Now, I will tell you that as someone who worries about waterborne illnesses to a near-paranoid level, this single feature brought me a world of calm. If you are in the market for an ionizer that can virtually sterilize the water you are already paying for, this is a rock-solid investment.

For those of you who might be familiar with Tyent’s ACE-13, you will notice a lot of overlap in features between that model and the UCE-13 Plus. As I was already somewhat acquainted with that other device, I never came across a moment of confusion regarding how to use my ionizer. Everything works as it should, meaning I always had access to ionized water.

While the double-filtration feature is a huge boon, it is important to remember that all those filtered impurities and contaminants have to wind up somewhere; they do not get vaporized. This brings me to the device’s automatic cleaning mechanism. Rather than having anxiety about needing to manually manipulate the collected funk, this machine handles most of the task on its own, keeping the internals nearly as clean as the water it can ionize. That said, it is still a good idea to manually clean the device every few months just to keep it up to full functionality.


While this device has many positives, I find it best to finish these overviews with a list.

  • The LCD touchscreen makes it a breeze to adjust its various settings.
  • There is an “eco-mode” feature that allows you to conserve water.
  • The Motion Proximity Sensor means that all you need to do to refill a bottle is to bring it near the dispenser.
  • It has a self-cleaning mode.
  • Its installation is a piece of cake.


Just as I like to list positives, I also list off any cons. In this case, there is little to report.

  • Its shape and size mean that it is a counter-only appliance.

It may be too pricey for some.

About the author

Carlisle Edwards (Sr. Writer, Water Filtration) writes our content on water filtration, reverse osmosis, and avoiding waterborne contamination. He has experience in water and food safety and conducts microbiology research. He’s WaterAudit’s resident sports fan, and loves cheering on his local LA Galaxy soccer team.