MFDS Certified: South Korea’s Health Safety Standard

MFDS Certified: South Korea’s Health Safety Standard

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) works on approving all products intended for manufacturing and supplying both locally and internationally. As a health and wellness company, Tyent USA has received international appraisals for its highest maintained standards in hydration technology quality and exceptional products. Tyent ACE and UCE have been featured in popular TV shows, journals, and health magazines, receiving great feedback from the users of their products. Tyent USA has also won the approval and acclaim of the foremost national and international bodies of accreditation.

One of the central bodies to accredit Tyent USA is the KFDA (Korean Food and Drugs Administration), which has certified and approved the use of Tyent products worldwide. The KFDA approved and certified Tyent products for their exceptional standard of quality, services, and care and termed them safe for use. This has boosted Tyent sales as their customers are confident about their products.

Unlike China and Taiwan’s water ionizers, which are not certified lead–free because of the corrosive materials they use on their water ionizers, Korea does consider water ionizers to be medical devices. Therefore, they are closely regulated by the KFDA, making them more reliable. Koreans abide by strict labor laws, which means that the water ionizers are made by the best of the best laborers.

The quality of Tyent products in regard to KFDA standards on health and safety include quality, performance, hygiene, usability, high amperage, lifetime warranty, and trial periods. Tyent USA offers the following as per KFDA requirements.

-High-quality plates- with the most significant plate surface in the industry, their 9-plate, 11- plate and 13-plate solid /mesh hybrid plates water ionizers are constructed from titanium and dipped multiple times in platinum for unbeatable durability that guarantees more alkaline and acidic water with the strongest ORP (oxidation-reduction potential). The platinum and titanium materials on their plates protect them from corrosion to avoid leaking toxins into your ionized water, ensuring health and safety.

Filtration – Tyent water ionizer ultra plus dual filtration with a 0.1-micron filter system, kidney dialysis equivalent filtration. This cutting-edge filtration technology guarantees the removal of all large, suspended matter, rust, drug residues, chlorine residues, and volatile organic compounds. This filtration also removes 99.9% of lead in tap water and more than 200 other contaminants, ensuring clean and safe ionized water. With an advanced automated cleaning system, polarity anti-scale technology (PAST) ensures there is minimal scale build-up on the electrodes for a long-time performance and healthier water.

-High amperage – Tyent water ionizer offers high and low levels of PH, enough amps without using chemical injections to balance water PH, which can be harmful for consumption. Tyent appliances come with 55 adjustable power settings for alkaline, and acidic presets that ensure a perfect glass of ionized alkaline water is safe for use, regardless of the water source. Tyent water ionizer also guarantees high natural antioxidant production and ionization as per its purpose.

-Lifetime warranty- Tyent USA guarantees the strongest, most powerful water ionizer. Tyent guarantees a platinum lifetime warranty, meaning no stipulations, no fine prints, and no hassles. Tyent is the only water ionizer that offers a warranty to this level and value. A 75-day trial is given to Tyent customers to experience the goodness of the alkaline ionized water from the ionizer machine. Its durability gives its customers value for their money and a long-lifetime supply of the cleanest, healthiest, and tastiest water on the planet. -Usability- With a smartphone-inspired touch screen and one touch of any icon on the control panel, children, seniors, and anyone in between can efficiently operate this small appliance with ease.

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