KIPO: Intellectual Property Excellence in Water Tech

KIPO: Intellectual Property Excellence in Water Tech


With the global shift to going green to reduce the amount pollution waste generated, KIPO has developed a sustainable design to reduce energy requirements. Their qualified engineers help their clients to become more energy efficient, ensuring a positive impact on the environment and clients who use their services. KIPO engineers guide the clients to choose the most cost-effective opportunities to meet their targets. KIPO also prepares energy audits to assist clients in recognizing how and where to use energy. An effective audit takes account of everything, examining both the interior and exterior of a building and making sure that its fixtures and equipment interact with one another. By this, they can identify the most suitable energy and cost-saving opportunities, including payback periods and carbon savings. This helps create a prioritized plan of action and basis for investments.

KIPO’S sustainability aims to the environment are as follows:

-Efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water. Minimizing waste and recycling.

-Pick out and embody long-lasting, efficient materials into building systems and services design.

-Examine mechanical and electrical systems to ensure that they haven’t been over-designed for the application.

-Supply energy modelling services to determine the most efficient systems to build.


Tyent USA is a company that is dedication is to provide the cleanest, freshest, healthiest, and tastiest water on the planet through its innovation and advanced technology of water ionization. With a state-of-the-art design and advanced technology, water ionizing machines that regulate regular water’s PH levels to make it more alkaline or more acidic.

With its innovations, Tyent USA has contributed to the water tech industry by:

-Boosting good health – Its alkaline water helps in overall health. It contains abundant natural anti-oxidants that neutralize damaging free radicals that cause ageing and diseases. Tyent water ionizers create hydrogen water that’s proven excellent for overall body health. Hydrogen water Tyent improves the nutrition content in juices, food and baby formulas.

-Providing beauty and skin benefits – Acidic level 1 water has the same PH as the skin, keeping the skin soft and plumped up with hydration. Alkaline water helps in soothing psoriasis and eczema by drinking alkaline water or spraying acidic water on the affected areas. Drinking Tyent water nourishes the skin from the inside; this keeps your skin glowing. Tyent water maintains hydration levels on the skin, preventing dryness and formation of wrinkles, keeping you looking young.

-Providing energy to sportsmen and women – Tyent ionized water helps sportspersons recover faster after heavy exercise and hydrate more quickly to boost their energy levels to remain competitive. Drinking Tyent water alkaline water keeps you from dehydration, and you benefit from some essential minerals. It also helps Olympians maintain their energy levels and performance. Hydrogen also can cause weight loss to those looking to lose weight.

-Provides the healthiest drinking water – Unlike regular drinking water, Tyent water goes through high-performance filters, removing every contamination such as chlorine, drug residues, heavy metals, 99.9% of lead and other over 200 unwanted substances found in water, leaving essential minerals in water intact.

-Provides wellness – Different qualified doctors have recommended Tyent water ionizer for health, adding that alkaline water prevents the body from becoming too acidic. In turn, it lowers the chances of bacteria thriving within the cell. Ionized water has been tested and proven to help with abdominal complaints. Hydrogen water can be administered as an antioxidant therapy to reduce stress, leading to wellness. -Compared to Enagic water ionizers, the Tyent water ionizer, with its advanced technology, guarantees pure, clean water, meaning chemical, unlike Enagic machines.

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