KGMP: Korea’s Commitment to Quality Manufacturing

KGMP: Korea’s Commitment to Quality Manufacturing

What is KGMP?

KGMP is an acronym for Korea Good Manufacturing Processes. This is a standard that applies to companies most often in regulated industries. Some common examples of companies that manufacture regulated medical devices and medical products. The KGMP standards are designed to be similar to ISO 13485 standards. The reason for KGMP standards is to ensure harmonization with global medical device manufacturing standards in the US, Europe, and countries around the world. A Third Party Auditor visits the facility where the medical devices are being produced. Extensive documentation of quality systems is required for approval following the KGMP review.

Water Filtration Systems In Food Production

Customers using our water filtration system for food production can rest assured that TyentUSA filtration systems comply with Korean requirements. With 100% natural ingredients, TyentUSA filtration systems offer 99.9% sterilization power. The effect is that many harmful bacteria and other substances are removed from water which is used in food and beverage operations. The water filtration units are also designed to be wall-mounted and reliable.

How TyentUSA Complies With KGMP Standards

TyentUSA is a manufacturer of water ionization systems. TyentUSA has been certified by several third-party organizations in the US and abroad. One of the certifications which TyentUSA holds is a Korea Good Manufacturing Practice certification. Aside from the Korea GMP certification, TyentUSA has also been registered with the Korea Water Purifier Industry Cooperative and the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Healthiest Ionized Water Possible Advanced technology ensures that Tyent’s water ionizer creates the purest water possible. Aside from upholding rigorous quality standards, a Tyent water ionizer also includes a lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty ensures that our customers are only purchasing a premium product.

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