Elevate Your Health with Enhanced Water Quality

The UCE-13 plus water ionizer uses several high-performance dual filters with the ability to get rid of a wide variety of impurities and unwanted substances in water. These impurities include chlorine, drug residues, heavy metals, and other contamination. The UCE-13 plus filtration process guarantees the cleanest, freshest, and healthiest water, regardless of your water source.

The all-new UCE-13 plus water ionizer provides water that boosts energy, helps in losing weight, detoxing, and has anti-aging effects. The UCE-13 plus provides the most powerful antioxidant known to man, whith its molecular hydrogen that ensures a rich PH balance. The antioxidant water can cross the blood-brain barrier and positively affect every significant organ in one’s body.

The UCE-13 Plus comes with thirteen healthy juice recipes with essential vitamins and minerals for good health and proper nutrition, which one can make from alkaline water. Its charged alkaline water contains beneficial antioxidants and minerals that guarantee a family wanting more alkaline water than processed soft drinks. The UCE-13 comes with a smart system with three alkaline and three acidic levels. Acidic water keeps hair, skin, and the house clean.

Through neutralizing and releasing acidic waste, this healthy water allows the body to burn extra calories to keep warm, feel full, and enhance muscle function. Also, drinking alkaline water enhances nutrient absorption by creating a healthy PH level that activates the release of enzymes that help digestion. By releasing smaller water molecules that penetrate our cells effectively, alkaline water helps us to sleep soundly.

Antioxidant property found in the water helps the body to recover from illness or heavy exercises at a fast rate. Alkaline water also boosts the immune system by reducing the risk of infection or cancer. With its rich composition of antioxidants, alkaline water can also boost one’s health and protect you from common colds and other environmental factors.

Unlike other water without properly balanced PH levels, alkaline water guarantees not having to experience fatigue, breathlessness, muscle pain, and other symptoms brought by an imbalanced PH. Alkaline water supports better memory and boosts concentration levels because its rich hydrogen quantity neutralizes the body’s acidity. Ionized alkaline water boosts energy, providing more spring in one’s steps.

The UCE-13 plus alkaline water neutralizes built-up acid, which helps in hangover relief. Its ionized water also protects the liver from harmful oxidation. Clean, alkaline water will minimize and reduce toxins and flush out the intestines to stop bloating. Hydrogen-rich water has been proven to have relaxing and therapeutic benefits that affect beauty by reducing the appearance of wrinkles by external application of hydrogen water. It has been proven that drinking water rich in hydrogen can improve gum health and minimize the risk of cavities and gum diseases.

The UCE-13 Plus has a self-cleaning technology that alters the polarity of the plates to guarantee the cleanest drinking water and the tastiest water you can ever drink. The UCE-13 has a feature that permits one to raise or lower your PH antioxidant levels according to preference. This splendid machine has an exclusive turbo button feature for cleaning herbicides and pesticides off fruits and vegetables. Hydrogen water is also safe and good for the preparation of meals. With the state-of-the-art design and advanced applied technology, the UCE-13 plus removes over 200 dangerous contaminants and even up to 99.9% of lead in your tap water. Its extreme molecular hydrogen boots and turbo boots functions enhances molecular hydrogen content in your water taking its health benefits to new heights. The UCE can speak five languages. Also, with a 0.1-micron dual filtration technology, you will never have to worry about contaminated water again.

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