The Powerful Benefits of Alkaline Micro Cluster Water

The Powerful Benefits of Alkaline Micro Cluster Water

Alkaline micro clustered water reduces the cluster size of alkaline water molecules. The result is an elevation in the water’s bioavailability, which improves overall absorption into the body. Studies suggest this significantly increases health benefits when consuming alkaline water and aids in cellular hydration.

What is Micro Cluster Water?

Water molecules are created as clusters, rather than just one single molecule. Tap water, which is under pressure, has larger clusters that consist of 12 to 14 molecules on average.

With ionization, the process breaks down the water molecules’ electrical bonds, restructuring the water down to 5 or 6 molecules per cluster. With smaller clusters or micro clusters, water becomes easier to absorb into the body’s cells.

Research shows that micro cluster water has superior hydration, which also assist in dissolving and flushing out acidic solid waste or toxins accumulating in your body.

Is Micro Clustered Water Real?

Yes, even natural spring water has micro clusters. Micro-clustered alkaline or structured ionized alkaline water means that there are smaller hydrogen and oxygen molecules. While tap water typically has 1 hydrogen and 2 oxygen atoms, containing up to 13 larger clusters of water molecules.

That’s why when you drink alkaline water, it immediately tastes better and more hydrating. Your body can actually absorb this water so quickly that it can ease stomach pain as well.

To test the absorption rate, you can use a tea bag diffusion test or churro tomato soak. The tea bag diffuses faster in water with a higher pH (alkaline), and tomatoes will lose their waxy coating quickly, too.

What is Alkaline Water?

When water is alkaline, its pH level is higher than 7. Alkaline water is created through a process called ionization.

The pH level of water ranges between 0 to 14 or very acidic to very alkaline. Higher pH alkaline water such as 7.8 or higher mas been studied for its health benefits.

For example, alkaline water has been proven to reduce pepsin, which causes acid reflux and other issues.

Alkaline water has a higher pH than regular drinking water. With an ionizer filter such as a Tyent, you can create alkaline water at home.

In addition, for water to be alkaline, tests must also show that alkaline minerals are present, as well as a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). This is a measure of how well the water will act as an antioxidant. With higher numbers of negative ORP, such as -850 to -1050, water has a higher chance of reducing oxidative stress in the body.

Micro Cluster Water Benefits

Have you ever had a glass of smooth, cold alkaline water? It tastes different than tap water or even regular filtered water with a lower pH. That’s because alkaline micro cluster water has smaller clusters of hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

Micro cluster water benefits all start from this water’s ability to absorb faster into your bloodstream. This is also why you instantly feel more hydration from drinking alkaline water.

Effects on Bone Health and Osteoporosis

Multiple studies have been conducted on the effects of alkaline water on bones. One study found an effect called bone resorption.

Bone resorption is a process where previous bone cells are broken down and replaced by new ones. While that may sound like a good thing, you actually want less bone resorption.

Research in the study found that bicarbonate and calcium-rich alkaline water can decrease bone resorption better than tap water, which is typically more calcium-rich and acidic.

The next study compared an acidic diet to alkaline diet to see the effects on osteoporosis, which is a disease that causes bones to become weaker and more brittle. More research is needed to confirm whether alkaline diets and alkaline water have any effects on osteoporosis, but researchers are hopeful to find answers to improve bone health.

Alkaline Water and Cancer

Multiple health websites reference alkaline water’s effects on cancer. Can alkaline water cure cancer?

Unfortunately, more research is needed.

However, there are still benefits for patients undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. For example, alkaline water is typically filtered or derived from natural springs, making it cleaner and purer.

The current research has shown that some cancer patients find relief in drinking alkaline water when going through radiotherapy. Alkaline water can reduce symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

Acid Reflux

Micro-clustered alkaline water has benefits for those suffering from acid reflux. Studies have proven to provide relief to multiple symptoms, including indigestion and nausea.

Acid reflux disease occurs when contents of the stomach “splash” or come back up the esophagus. After a long time, acid reflux can cause damage to your throat and lead to a progression called gastroesophageal reflux disease (aka GERD).

One study found that alkaline water was able to reduce pepsin, one of the main causes of acid reflux. However, they studied water with an alkalinity of 8.8 pH, which stops the pepsin enzyme from causing problems. This high of alkaline water is able to reduce the acidity of your stomach.

Diabetes and Blood Pressure

A study found that long-term consumption of micro-clustered alkaline water can help those with high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

Water with a higher pH was able to reduce blood viscosity, especially when patients also exercised. The extra hydration helped to reduce cardiovascular strain in patients as well.

While more research is needed in this area, research initially has shown that drinking alkaline water over tap water may reduce blood pressure and help with your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels.

Why Athletes Drink Micro Clustered Alkaline Water

For years now, sports health doctors and nutritionists for professional teams have recommended alkaline water to athletes, especially when in training. With the additional hydration and energy, athletes are able to reduce oxidative stress in the body more than other purified water or regular drinking water.

Is Micro Clustered Water Safe?

Yes, micro clustered water tastes and hydrates just like regular water. However, there are some warnings for those who drink alkaline water every day.

While there is no recommended daily intake, it’s best to start with a low intake and increase your intake gradually each day. You may also want to start with a lower alkaline pH such as 7.8 to 8/0, rather than higher alkaline levels of micro water at 8.5 or above.

How to Make Alkaline Micro Clustered Water?

Water isn’t alkaline and won’t contain micro clusters until it has gone through the process of ionization. While you can purchase alkaline water in water bottles, it’s safer to create your own micro clustered alkaline water with an alkaline water ionizer.

Alkaline water ionizers have the latest technology to break down and restructure water while also including some additional filtration and remineralization in some cases. Due to the instant availability with at-home alkaline water ionizers, your alkaline water is also more likely to contain higher levels of antioxidants.

Should You Drink Micro Clustered Alkaline Water?

One of the main reasons that people start drinking alkaline water is because of the way it tastes and feels to drink water with micro clusters. However, it’s not guaranteed that “alkaline water” sold in water bottles has these micro clusters. Research has shown that water ionizers have the best results for those who want all the health benefits, including reducing oxidative stress.

We’ve written several top water ionizer reviews, testing to see which ones offer the best results and higher negative ORP levels.

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