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The Status of Our Industry

"Recent water usage data published by the United States Geological Survey shows that, of the 40+  billion gallons of water withdrawn each day (bgd) in the United States by water utilities, only 34 bgd of this amount is documented as end-user consumption. The missing
6 bgd is categorized simply as "public use/loss" reflecting USGS's recognition that unmonitored public use (firefighting, street cleaning, etc.), accounting shortcomings and leakage inhibit a utility's ability to attain a true balance of withdrawal and use totals. The quantity of water labeled as "public use/loss" - which is more than enough to meet the water needs of the ten largest US cities combined - reflects the huge margin of error that currently exists in quantifying actual water use amounts vs. water loss amounts in drinking water utilities. By consistently  employing a reliable and standardized water audit method, the North American water industry should gradually improve the reporting accuracy for its water delivery components of valid usage and losses" (1)

If this report by the USGS for the USA is credible, especially for a nation which has invested heavily in infrastructure over the years, then the picture is likely much worse in developing nations where utilities have not had the benefit of large investments in growing infrastructure, and have worked with inferior materials and practices.

For any utility the process is similar, first it is necessary to properly quantify the causes and effects of the problem(s) and then evaluate the intervention options and economics in order to build a business case for change.

And that's our objective.

AuditKeeper, our web-based Records Management System will enable  you to paint a valid picture of your losses via regular, and accurate records management. Once this is attained, you can build business cases for the proper methodology to reduce water loss to economic levels. To begin the process, gather your system's data for the last 12 months, and follow this link:

Complimentary "UARL Calculator!


(1) American Water Works Association (AWWA) Water Loss Control Committee Report "Applying Worldwide Best Management Practices In Water Loss Control" Journal AWWA, August 2003.

Water Loss Control Manual, Thornton, 2002

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